An injury done to Christ

We have a special duty to everyone even in our thoughts. Rash judgments and suspicion, envy and ill-will against one’s neighbour, have no place in the deliberate thoughts of the true Catholic. Nearly all avoidance of evil and all practice of virtue must begin in our thoughts. If we deliberately allow ourselves to think evil, we shall soon find ourselves speaking evil and doing evil. Even in our thoughts and imagination we must apply the principles and ideals which we wish to be dominant in our daily life.

The faults of the tongue are innumerable, and it is noteworthy that even in people who are otherwise quite virtuous one often finds an uncharitable tongue. There is a wide field here for the practice of virtue and quest of holiness. So much so that the Holy Spirit tells us by pen of St. James: ‘If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man’ (James 3:2). Let us remember that every word we utter or every insinuation we make to the detriment of our neighbour is an injury done to Christ. There are occasions when one must speak unpleasant truths about one’s neighbour – for example, in a law court, or to avoid greater evil – but, normally, we are not allowed to speak evil of him, even when what we say is true.

A Catholic does his best to hide the faults of others, and will not listen to detraction. If detraction is wrong, calumny is still worse. And even quite good people do not seem to realize the responsibility they have for every single word they say about anyone else. Our neighbour’s honour and good name, his professional reputation and his personal character, should be as safe in our mouth as in our Lord’s. And it must be remembered that this is true even though we know that his private behaviour does not justify his public reputation. There are, however, circumstances in which we may have to give someone a charitable warning. But all tale-bearing and mischief-making, all imprudent revelations of another’s secret, all sowing of discord or exciting of suspicion are quite wrong, and are altogether incompatible with a true life in Christ. Not only do we separate ourselves from Him in the doing of these injuries, but we widen the breach inasmuch as these injuries are done to Him. We make public the very sins of which He has taken the shame upon Himself.

The really spiritual man is known by the kindness of his speech and still more by the kindness of his silence. He is always ready to find pity and sympathy for everyone. ‘To understand all is to forgive all’, and no man who knows his own weakness and his complete dependence upon God’s grace in the avoiding of sin, can ever be harsh with the faults of his neighbour. Even as human beings we should have a ‘fellow-feeling’ for one another, but as Catholics and members of  His Church, our mutual  sympathy should be much deeper.


14 Responses to “An injury done to Christ”

  1. 1 GlycleLuddy May 15, 2010 at 19:08

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  2. 2 Pablo May 15, 2010 at 20:15

    Dear Mrs.Gabriella,

    Which is worse?

    Keeping quite at all times, faking holiness,or spreading malicious gossip?

    I see them both as equals.

    God be with you.


  3. 3 Mary Nicewarner May 15, 2010 at 23:05

    This is a tough one but true. I’ll be honest – uncharitable thoughts about people is something I’ve had to confess many times in my life.
    Our world thinks nothing of speaking ill of others but we cannot let ourselves be caught up in this. We really have to put on “the mind of Christ” and learn when to speak up or shut up. Most of the time the Lord just wants me to shut up 🙂 I know we must speak up when we see others being harmed such as in the case of abortion and if we see someone doing something that will cause serious harm to someone but it’s harder to discern the smaller things. I just get to the point where I throw it all in God’s hands and let Him unravel the mess humans have made on this earth. I don’t know how it is over there (well, I know a little bit) but here in the U.S. calumny and detraction are practically all we hear on TV. I barely turn it on any more more…it gives me a headache. Thank for another great post 🙂

  4. 4 riversongs May 16, 2010 at 05:18

    excellent post! I live in a small town, and also used to work there too, and there was always a lot of gossip and unfortunately, I would sometimes get caught up in it myself, much as I tried not to. I still live in the same small town, but work farther away in a larger city and I have noticed a huge difference. There is no gossip at work and people are much more likely to give a person (if they do something wrong, for example) the benefit of the doubt and not jump right into bickering and complaining. The attitude in general is very positive and everyone is so considerate of others. I feel I have become a much better person and Christian since working with this fine group of people and for such an outstanding company.

  5. 5 Cinzia May 16, 2010 at 06:28

    I agree with Mary in that I believe it is right to speak up sometimes – when we see or hear injustices, untruths, lies and/or malicious things.

    We need to know how to discern gossip and malignant thoughts and words from speaking out and defending truths, defending our Holy Mother Church and generally standing up against all the rubbish and the daily brain-washing, corruption and greed of politicians and anyone else …

    I personally seem to be unable to shut up particularly when I hear something from the general media that I believe to be not correct, unfair, racist or downright evil.

    May God forgive me many times over because my tongue lashes out in these circumstances which seem to occur on a daily basis around here 😦

    Please tell me if I am wrong, but I believe there is a distinct difference between what Gabriella is saying and speaking out at the right occasions, ie. idle and malicious gossip against defending what is right and what is true and “putting people in their place” when needed.

  6. 6 Kieran May 16, 2010 at 10:37

    I think we must discern between hating sins, speaking up in defence of our Church, in defence of abortion, etc. and having bad and preconceived thoughts about other people, accusing them, pointing our finger at them because Christ himself was terribly harsh with sin (hell is mentioned a lot of times in the Gospels) but loved sinners 🙂 always advising them ‘Go and sin no more’.

    Pablo asks which is worse? My humble answer is that by faking holiness you only harm yourself (and this is a personal choice, one chooses not to be Christlike) but by spreading malicious gossip you harm people that God loves with all his heart.

    I agree with Riversongs. Malicious gossip and pointing fingers at and judging people is always far far worse in small towns where most people know each other than it is in big cities where humans tend to ignore each other and couldn’t care less what the other is doing. (I’m happy for you 🙂 not easy to find someone who is happy in his/her workplace!)

    Thank you for another thought provoking post. This time you’ve touched a very common sin 🙂

  7. 7 Shania May 16, 2010 at 11:20

    When someone’s gossip negatively alters the opinion another has regarding a third person, one has committed a grave action. If it is done with full knowledge and deliberate consent, the grave action then becomes a mortal sin. Gossip is a far more serious matter than most of us like to consider.

    A good rule of thumb is not to say anything that we wouldn’t want said about us.

  8. 8 Grandmère Affectueuse May 16, 2010 at 14:54

    I think that at the basis of gossip and calumny lies Envy. Envy is the mark of the petty mind and the hard heart. The devil envied Adam and Eve in Paradise; Cain envied Abel, whose offering was pleasing to God. Some are, so envious that they even envy the holiness of others, but without any desire or attempt at imitation. This was the case with the Pharisees, and their envy led them to plot the death of Jesus Christ.
    Envy always leads to calumny, gossip, detraction, hatred, scandal, and other sins. An envious man looks on everything with malice; as a result his envy does not even make himself happy, but destroys his peace of heart
    Often the envy in a man’s heart causes him to be so soured on the world that he sells himself for nothing to the devil

    Que Dieu vous bénisse

  9. 9 Michael May 16, 2010 at 17:50

    It certainly is a thin line ..
    Thanks for giving us this post to reflect on.
    God Bless.

  10. 10 Cinzia May 17, 2010 at 08:54

    Chere Grandmere … you are absolutely right!

    Que Dieu tu benisse aussi 🙂

  11. 11 Pablo May 17, 2010 at 19:41

    The worst, most malicious gossip comes from Traditional Catholics.

    Their gossip leads to curses upon everyone they spread their lies about, even to the Priests they demand the Sacraments from.

    When shown examples of the damage their gossip creates, they feign piety, or ignorance, and claim Silence; for that is the ultimate phony piety they wrap themselves in.

    More than the homosexual activity, or the heresy in Holy Mother Church, this evil needs to be exposed, and those who claim Silence as virtue need to be expelled from amongst us.

    The sins within the Church, as the Holy Father has stated, will cause us to be punished.

    The Holy People with their phony Silence virtue and those that spread gossip will cause us to lose our inheritance completely.

    I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.

    Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.


  12. 12 Cinzia May 18, 2010 at 08:53

    Buenos dias Pablo – could you please be more specific? Who exactly are you talking about and what/why?

    Thank you

  13. 13 Davide May 18, 2010 at 16:30

    Dear Pablo, your thoughts are a bit confusing. On one hand you criticize ‘Traditional Catholics’ as being the worst gossipers, and then you blame them for using SILENCE as a scapegoat, and you even go on to say that this silence is what’s responsible for the current priestly abuse crisis (made worst by the silence of the bishops?). Pero nos hemos vuelto locos?!

    As you mentioned, the Pope has recognized the current attack on the Church as coming from within and not from without. It is the fruit of 40 years of priestly abuse and silence on the part of the bishops who did not report their priests to the authorities. But to mistake this silence for the silence being referred to in Gabriella’s blog is a great injustice to her blog. A look at the records of these particular bishops who kept silence while innocent children were being abused, will reveal that they are not very ‘Traditional.’ Calling bishop Mahoney of Los Angeles (one of the bishops being investigated) traditional is close to being blasphemous (I’m sure that’s what he’ll think). But jokes aside, it is the lack of inner peace and silence that probably led them to keep silence about the abuses. This may sound like a contradiction, but it is not. I will conclude by saying that the silence talked about in the blog is the silence that prevents gossip and leads to forgiveness of others. It is not the silence that seeks injustice and hides sin but rather the silence that seeks justice and forgives sin.

  14. 14 Pablo May 18, 2010 at 21:17

    Priests can bless or curse.

    The Devil cannot lay down a curse as powerful as a Priest of God can.

    By this same token, those people that come before the Blessed Sacrament and are ministered to by Holy Priests, once they allow wickedness into their heart, envy and jealousy, they curse simply but powerfully in their actions and words. Their avocation of silence is not meant for themselves, it is used as a tool against those who would speak out against them. Sins of the tongue only apply to those that would speak out against their mischief. Silence is used to silence the good people that would stand up against their hatred. It is in the principle of “The last refuge of a scoundrel is Patriotism.” When they curse around a Church and its Priests, they hamper the carrying out of the Supreme Law of Holy Mother Church: The Salvation of Souls.

    To say there is only one type of silence is to say there is only one type of bird; pigeons. I understood the Silence Mrs. Gabriella spoke of in her post. I was only elucidating upon the subject.

    ….Pero nos hemos vuelto locos?!….this is a very disrespectful remark.

    His Eminence Bishop Mahoney of Los Angeles.

    What gives anyone the right to malign a Bishop without first telling him to his face? Holy Mother Church demands he be allowed to face his accusers. Is he a validly ordained Bishop and Priest or not?

    Everything he has done has had the stamp of approval of the Holy Father. It was the Holy Father that made him a Cardinal. There are more souls in his Churches than in the SSPX Churches across America combined. He is living up to the mandate given to him by Rome. Only problem is, it is wrong, and I hope to tell him this one day.

    The sex abuse situation in the Church has as its roots the diabolical attack upon the Church Bella Dodd and others spoke of. Priests did not wake up one day and suddenly realize they like homosexual acts. A diabolical attack was launched upon Priests, and the silence came when someone in the Church kept quite about Freemason participation in the matter.

    The Prophet Zachary asked the Divine Redeemer: What are those wounds in the midst of Thy hands?
    “With these was I wounded in the house of them that loved Me. I was wounded by My friends, who did nothing to defend Me, and who, on every occasion, made themselves the accomplices of My adversaries”.

    He was wounded by His friends that did nothing to defend Him; they kept Silence.


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